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Return products

We have a 4 day return policy and restitution starting from the date of delivery (at you). You can either exchange the article or get a (partial) refund with the value of the original invoice, shipping costs excluded. We charge a minimum of 25 euro processing costs IF the product has not been send back according to our conditions below. These costs will be deducted from the total invoice amount of the returned product, shipping costs excluded. Returns are only accepted by TEAMRSPEED if:

- We have confirmed that you are allowed to return the product(s)
- The product is undamaged, unused in the original state
- ALL Carbon fiber products can only be returned in the original package. 

- All damages need to be reported by email to within 7 days from receiving the shipment.

- All Carbon Fiber products cannot be refunded as they are made to special order.

- Parts made with custom requests like finishing and coloring are non returnable nor refundable.

- The product is in the original wrapping

- The wrapping is undamaged. This means no wrinkles, cracks, tears, dents etc.

- The original label is still on the wrapping

- No extra tape has been used on the product or wrapping

Returns have to be sent in an extra box, which will prevent the product packaging from any damage. The customer is responsible for the delivery as well as the return shipping costs, unless:

- We have declared in advance that there will be no restitution of the purchase amount of a certain product.
- The product has a defect due to the manufacturing process. (this doesn’t include incomplete products, those will be completed by us). If a product will be refunded because of manufacturing failure, the Buyer will be responsible for returning the product as pointed out in advance by the manufacturer.
- Products which were damaged during shipping to the Buyer, will not be refunded by In case the product arrives damaged at the Buyer or Receiver, the product should not be accepted. Instead, upon delivery by the shipping company, the product should be refused and contact for further instructions. 

Products like bumpers (lips), wheels, tires, mufflers have to be checked carefully before installation as they usually will not be accepted as a return product after they have been installed/spray painted. Installation of these products will leave traces of usage and therefore cannot be sold again as ‘new’.

Conditions return shipping:

Every return shipping HAS to be send in an extra box. If the return shipping has not been send the correct way, it will be REFUSED. Please read the following instructions carefully.
It is necessary to follow these instructions because only this way the product and wrapping will remain undamaged so we can will be able to resell the product. Therefore it is not sustained to send the product only in it’s original box. There is a increased chance that tape and labels will be attached or that the product will be damaged during shipping.

1. Get a solid, new, carton box at a supermarket, post office or elsewhere. Use proper tape to close the box on every side to prevent the product from falling out.

2. Place the product with it’s original wrapping into the new empty box. Fill up the empty space in the box to avoid that the product can move around during transportation and eventually get damaged. 

3. Fill in the Return Form (that you will receive by e-mail after sending us a return request by e-mail) completely with all neccessary information we request and put this form in the box.

3. Use BLANC tape to close the box effectively and check if the tape is strong enough to hold during transportation. Then place a label on the box CLEARLY visible and the package can be send to us: 

Bruggestraat 24

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