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All of our products have a manufacturer warranty included. All warranty claims based on usage, wear, defects, dropping, bumping etc. will not be handled. You have to fit the product on your car, before you paint-spray a bumpers/styling product. Only then you will be able to return the product. Once the product has been paint-sprayed or otherwise modified it will not be accepted by us for return. All other claims will be handled as followed:

The general warranty will start from the date of the invoice. This warranty varies per product from 30 days to life-long guarantee (ask us about the specific warranty before purchasing the product). When you ship a product to us, the shipping
costs will always be your responsibility. You are required to pack the products adequately. You will be held accountable for any damage done during shipping.

If you decide to claim the warranty, you have to return the product to us. Important!: You have to use transparent tape. Brown tape is difficult to remove and will damage the product. If the product hasn’t been received by us in order and if additional costs have to be made, you will have to pay those costs first before we will take any further actions to replace the product. You can only claim the warranty on the day of delivery. In case you have to pay the earlier mentioned additional costs, your date of warranty will be moved to the date we receive the payment. However, if you exceed the payment due date given by us, you will lose the warranty.

If a certain product is in stock, we can replace your product immediately. If a product is out of stock, we will order the product for you. If a product is unavailable, we will find a suitable solution. This could be a (partly) refund of the purchase
amount. However, you cannot claim a refund of the purchase amount in advance.

Certain products have limited warranty. These limitations are imposed by manufacturers. We cannot change these conditions and we cannot give you warranty if the manufacturer rejects the warranty claim. However, we will do everything in our power for your claim to be honored.

TEAMRSPEED.COM is not responsible for malfunctioning of a product. We recommend you to hire a skilled mechanic to install the product. The usage of the products is the responsibility of the customer.

Damaged products

If your product is damaged upon delivery, please contact us by sending an email to . After our confirmation, return the product within 7 business days after delivery. Write in this email your name, address, phone number and invoice number. After consultation, we will replace the product or refund the purchase amount.


Return to:

Bruggestraat 24
8830 Hooglede, BELGIUM

ALWAYS send the items back after we confirmed your request and including the ''RETURN FORM'' that you will receive via e-mail.

Missing products

If you haven’t received your product 7 business days after your order has been shipped and you haven’t received any notice from us about an eventual delay, please email or call us:
(+32)496 71 14 14

We will contact the shipping company.

Used products

All used goods we offer in our web shop should function after correct installation. However, you it should occur that a product doesn’t function properly, we can discuss a suitable solution. In the matter of used engines, take in consideration a so called ‘start-up guarantee’. This means that engines have a warranty for the first 200 km of usage. In this time it will be clear if there is an extreme usage of oil or other malfunctions. This settlement does not apply after 30 days after the date of purchase (this because of a long term standing still of the engine, without using it). The warranty will be withdrawn as well if tuning parts will be placed on a delivered engine, because it will not be clear if the engine in its original state would have functioned properly. TEAMRSPEED.COM cannot be held responsible for malfunctioning of wear off sensitive parts of used products. Warranty will be cancelled when products are used for race/track practice.

Defect products
All the products we offer in our web shop have been thoroughly checked by the manufacturer and by us to ensure that our customers will be satisfied. However, it is possible that you are not content with the functioning of a product. In this case, please contact us by email: Malfunctioning or defect products have to be returned within 7 business days. Only then we will consider to eventually replace the product. Indicate in your email your name, address, phone number and explain why you are not satisfied with the product and support your complaint with photo/video material. TEAMRSPEED.COM cannot be held responsible for built-in cost of the products delivered by us. By this we understand the cost of making, fuel costs, material costs etc.

Our responsibility

TEAMRSPEED.COM cannot be held responsible for any shortcomings in service caused by factors beyond our reach. We strive after keeping our service on top level, however we cannot guarantee that our website and service will be error free at all times. We always try our very best to serve you in our best ability, even when it is out of our field of service.

The descriptions, text and images on the TEAMRSPEED.COM website are as accurate as possible, however it may occur that colors and ratios may differ from reality. Measures and weight on the website are being estimated and may differ from reality. TEAMRSPEED.COM cannot be held responsible for any marginal differences on delivered products.

We at TEAMRSPEED.COM want to make clear that we are not an OFFICIAL HONDA DEALER but merely a retail outlet of Honda related products. We don’t use copyright protected images or information of the Honda brand itself.

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